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“You as a writer should know first had it not always what you see on camera, there much more.”

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Here’s the piece of hate mail directed at the other Michael Slezak that inspired me to collect them. I love how long the third sentence is.

Hello Michael,

I just read your article about American Idol. I know you can only write what you see and your opinion. How would you feel if you was 16, turning 17 and dealing with American Idol representatives, from being in Orlando winning the American Idol experiences, then getting red carpet treatment in the Dallas auditions, and then going to Hollywood, and getting so much exposure which wasn’t shown on TV, talking to producers all week, then getting told on national TV, that you did nothing wrong, you was perfect but you still can’t make the show. Just at many like yourself stating how Thaddeus had a melt down, how would you have acted if you was in His place at that age. You realize how Thaddeus had to be trained to walk on 4 years ago, where He was in a rehab center for children and He would sing for them to help them through their therapy sessions, and that what made him have a dream to be on American Idol and finally get there and have that happen the way it did.

There isn’t a script how anyone react to different things. Thaddeus did not curse coming out the door, I am a Evangelist and all of my children knows better, Idol bleep out the Word God, yes God, Thaddeus said Old God how can that happen to me, at that time he as a flash back of all his pass hurts and what it took to get there. Since then so many doors has open for Thaddeus which the Lord has open.

You as a writer should know first had it not always what you see on camera, there much more. Since them Thaddeus has been contacted by Idol representatives, so something must be good they liked.

Thanks for even mentioning Thaddeus in your article weather good or bad, We as a family uses things that are negative to make us strong and this truly has.

Be Blessed,


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April 7th, 2010 at 6:02 pm

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